Common guideline for scams recognition

MGI.LLC warns you of an attempt to use its name or the names of its branches, as well as officials in the fraud.
To prevent possible damage to property and loss of personal data we recommend you to pay attention to these signs that you are dealing with scammers:
1. The parameters of the transaction differ significantly from the market: you offer a very large amount of mineral oil (sometimes exceeding real production capacity) at very competitive price.
2. From you to the official signing of the contract required to transfer the money supposedly to pay for some services, such as registration of various documents (visas, invitations, allowing documents), on the legalization or the activation of the contract in the government departments (note: this procedure is not required by law), on payment of tariffs for transportation services on the organization of the delegation visit your company for allegedly meeting with a view to signing the contract (TableTalkMeeting - TTM), etc.
3. To transfer money scammers offering account opened in the name of the individual.
It should be borne in mind that MGI.LLC does not enter into direct contracts for the supply of petroleum products for export. For this purpose, there are subsidiaries.
MGI.LLC does not bear responsibility for the risks associated with the use of any information on its behalf by third parties, etc.
In case of sending to your address business proposals from companies, the names of Internet resources which are in tune with the names of the domain name companies MGI.LLC, please inform us via the contact form of the site.